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ericjay's Journal

Eric Jay
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abita amber, addis red sea, air national guard, airplane!, allston, bbc, bebel gilberto, beer, bela fleck, bikes, biology, björk, books, boston, brandeis, breakfast club, cake, cambridge, charles river, cheese, christopher guest, clerks, colorado springs, community boating, computers, cooking, craigslist, dandy warhols, dave eggers, david sedaris, davis square, debating, democrats, einstein, emerson, ethiopian food, family guy, flying, futurama, genetics, grilled cheese, gruyere, guster, harry potter, harvard extension school, harvard square, homestarrunner, ice cream, indian food, ira glass, jacques-imo's, jews, jim norton, johnny cash, jon stewart, judaism, kalamata olives, kevin smith, kids in the hall, lemonade, lewis black, linux, little miss sunshine, mac os x, magical trevor, malbec, massachusetts, mbta, medicine, mental health, monty python, movies, muppets, musicals, mysql, national public radio, neuroscience, new jersey, new orleans, new york city, npr, old navy, park & orchard, phantom canyon, philosophy, php, politics, porter square, portishead, procrastination, programming, psychiatry, psychology, public health, reading, red sox, relativity, rocky horror picture show, running, sailing, sarah vowell, sarcasm, science, scuba, seinfeld, sigur ros, singing, skiing, smoked gouda, somerville, soul coughing, space heaters, strong bad, sun ray grill, sushi, sydney street cafe, tea, the colbert report, the daily show, the dandy warhols, the office, the princess bride, the red line, the t, theatre, they might be giants, this american life, tivo, tom wolfe, trader joe's, trainspotting, travel, unix, weezer, west wing, whole foods, wikipedia, wine